SINCE April 28
    Welcome To
Noble Street Deli
Our Story
Noble Street Deli is a quaint little deli in the midst of a little village known as Alexander's at Noble Shops. Noble Street deli is our way of serving the same delicious foods to guests on a daily basis that we have  been catering for large crowds for years. Alexander's The Great Events has built it's name and reputation by serving quality food at reasonable prices.
​  For years our customers have asked us to serve our chicken salad for lunch, sell it by the quart, or just let them buy a pan of our chicken salad. Though we still do not sell it by the pan or quart, we now serve our famous chicken salad Monday thru Saturday 11-2 at our Noble Street Deli. We hope you enjoy the atmosphere of an old fashioned deli with touch of nostalgia in our decor. Noble Street Deli is located at 1118 Noble Street Anniston, Alabama. Call or text your order in to 256-846-2638
Noble Street Deli is now open
Monday thru Friday 11am-5pm

$10 Meal Deal Every Day!
Sandwich of your choice, one side,
Drink, and dessert for $10

Noble Street Deli offers 10% Discount for
​Military, law enforcement, and Seniors 55 and older

Noble Tea Room is now $10 per person which includes
​Entree, two sides, tea, coffee, and one of our specialty cupcakes
​served on our floral patterned china in a quaint setting.

Free Cupcake for your birthday!
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